ROBODUCATION brings top notch Robotics education and training to our next generation of experts and world leaders in the technology. This is achieved through facilitated classes, audio visual tutorials, hands on learning, international collaboration etc.


Robotics education learning centre as part of STEM education.

ROBODUCATION offers excellent resources for primary and secondary schools. We also offer programs and resources for the adults who want to train as engineers or instructors. It’s never too late to learn. 
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ROBOLAB is our robotics training center, where we equip, educate and develop robotics development and coding capabilities.


What are Robots?

Robots are electromagnetic systems designed to help people with tedious and sometimes dangerous tasks. They were first put into the manufacturing industry in 1969. By the 21st century they were put into factories, working for humans in several specialized ways such as security, agriculture, logistics, medicine and others. 
Most of us have already encountered robots. Think of the traffic lights (which funny enough are actually called Robots in South Africa!). They do the job of automatically directing traffic!

However we have entered the “Robotization” era where all business fields are applying robotics. For we and our children to remain competitive and be at par with the rest of the world, the technology needs to be taught and learnt along with other related aspects such as Artificial Intelligence.