ROBOLAB is our Robotics training center, where we equip, educate and develop Robotic capabilities through theory and hands on practical skills.
Training is provided at our existing ROBOLABS.  Instructor and student training classes are held on an ongoing basis. Contact us to get details about the next intake.

We also set up ROBOLABS in schools, community centres and other suitable locations. 
Permanent ROBOLABS can be deployed in schools or centres who want to own their Robotics training centre. These centres will be equipped with a full range of equipment. For such centres, ROBODUCATION will not only train students but also train teachers or other designated persons as instructors in the long term. Permanent ROBOLABS enable schools and centres to take ownership and have capabilities to deploy the technology for themselves over time.

For schools and centres who might not have the budget for a fixed ROBOLAB, but yet desire the same level of skills and education Mobile ROBOLABS are the perfect solution. Our experts come into the premises at identified times to set up and train pupils, students and Instructors. 

ROBOLAB also supplies educational materials and robotics equipment. visit our Online shop for offers or speak to one of our experts.