Robotis Mini


Robot Mini is a robot kit with an open source embedded board, semi permanent li-ion battery and small actuator.


The ROBOTIS MINI is a 3D Printable, Fully Programmable & Customizable miniature humanoid robot featuring 16 DYNAMIXEL XL-320 Servos (16 DOF) and a ROBOTIS OpenCM 9.04 Controller (You can swap out the controller and use your own Arduino or MicroController for additional activities).

The ROBOTIS MINI comes with the following specifications:

  • 6MM Rivets
  • 16 DYNAMIXEL XL-320 Servos Included
  • 4 DYNAMIXEL XL Ports
  • ROBOTIS OpenCM 9.04C (MicroController) Included
  • BT-210 Bluetooth Module Included
  • 70+ Page QuickStart Guide Included
  • STL Files for 3D Printing available online (FREE)
AGE: 12+


Additional information

Weight 2.26 kg