Robotis Dream II Level 5


ROBOTIS DREAM II LEVEL 5 provides more advanced teaching of robotics. Machine equipment such as LEDs and caterpillar wheels are introduced, and scientific principles such as energy transitions are taught. Additionally, many examples are provided, which will prepare you for robotics competitions.

ROBOTIS DREAM II LEVEL 5 comes with 12 chapters of assembly, applications of principles, and problem solving.


You need to purchase DREAM 1, 2, 3 & 4 to build example robots in DREAM II Level 5.

ROBOTIS DREAM Levels 1 – 5
Our ROBOTIS DREAM Series comes with five levels starting from the entry level, Level 1 for learning the basic principles of robotics leading up to advanced principles of robotics beginning from Level 3.

The ROBOTIS DREAM comes with the following specifications:

  • 6MM Plates & Rivets
  • Programmable Controller (CM-150)
  • BT-410 Bluetooth Module Included.
  • 2 Servo Motor, 3 Geared Motors & Various sensors (IR Sensor, LED Module) Included.
  • Remote Controller (RC-100B) included in Level 3 for fun activities.
  • 5 Curriculum Workbooks Included (1 for each level)
  • 48 Different Robot Configurations

AGE: 8+

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