Robotis Dream II Level 1


Robotis Dream II is an entry level robotics optimized for learning and teaching robotics. It comes with 12 chapters of assembly, application of principles and problem solving.

Level 1 introduces the users to fundamental DREAM parts. It advances into studying the principles and theories of electric power, center of gravity, force, 4-legged and 2-legged walking robots, and much more.


ROBOTIS DREAM Levels 1 – 5
Our ROBOTIS DREAM Series comes with five levels starting from the entry level, Level 1 for learning the basic principles of robotics leading up to advanced principles of robotics beginning from Level 3.

The ROBOTIS DREAM comes with the following specifications:

  • 6MM Plates & Rivets
  • Programmable Controller (CM-150)
  • BT-410 Bluetooth Module Included.
  • 2 Servo Motor, 3 Geared Motors & Various sensors (IR Sensor, LED Module) Included.
  • Remote Controller (RC-100B) included in Level 3 for fun activities.
  • 5 Curriculum Workbooks Included (1 for each level)
  • 48 Different Robot Configurations

AGE: 8+


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