Robotis Play 700


Introduce your child to STEM concepts through robotics with the PLAY 700; a motorized, reconfigurable, smart, and programmable robotics toy.

You can build 6 different robot examples with the ROBOTIS PLAY 700: Scorpion, Dog, Car, Windmill, Bear and a Bird.

Use the PLAY 700 to begin a Fun & Educational Robotics Class using our Easy to Learn Plate & Rivet System, this time incorporating the use of several built in sensors (IR Sensor & Sound Sensor) to further your knowledge of robotic concepts.

The ROBOTIS PLAY 700 comes with the following specifications:

  • 12MM Plates & Rivets
  • Programmable Controller with built-in (IR + Sound Sensors)
  • Bluetooth BT-410 Capable
  • 6 Reconfigurable Robot Builds
  • Assembly Manual for 6 Robot Builds Included
  • FREE R+PLAY700 App for iOS & Android Devices for various functions such as Remote Control, Line Tracing, and Line Avoiding.


AGE: 8+


Additional information

Weight 1.36 kg