ROBODUCATION is a result of our desire to bridge the gap between rural kids and their global counterparts.
This desire was birthed after we took over the oversight of Ododuma Secondary school, a rural school founded by our late father 40 years ago.
We identified robotics education leveraging on the platform of ICT as an opportunity to give some of our kids the skills that would get them relevant to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.
We began to search for robotics solutions and found ROBOTIS, a South Korean company that had developed educational programs suitable for our needs to educate children from kindergarten to University.
ROBODUCATION is Nigerian robotics education program, which is designed to  combine the Robotis educational program with unique local inputs towards meeting our Robotics educational goals.
Through our ROBOLABS, training programs are delivered to meet both commercial and social needs.
We train instructors and we train school kids. We also give back to the community by empowering the less privileged through education and access to opportunities.
Our model is designed to be economically viable and socially responsible.
Our first set of Instructors were trained in July 2019.
In October our schools rollout started with the training of the first twenty school kids at Ododuma school in rural Itam.
Following this we launched training programs  in several schools in the city of Uyo.
Our instructor training academy launched in November 2019 for sixteen trainee instructors.
Our vision is to equip instructors and trainees to be at par with their global counterparts in robotics and with these skills to develop solutions for  the immediate  problems of their societies today and export their own fair share of science, technological, engineering and other skills to solve tomorrow’s global problems.
The Journey to the future has begun.
The future is here.
Our children and young people  from the villages, towns and cities are becoming active participants in the advancement of our world.